Back to the Routine.

We have this random week off here every year and unless you escape the day to day of local life and head south or somewhere fun, it sort of throws you through a loop.

The stay at home staycation.

Oh and combine that with a family who thrives on structure, a birthday bash or 2, different temperaments, frigid outdoor temps, and life in the every day fast lane. It can get crazy. And I don’t think the cosmos and moon were lined up so well either.

Sometimes we have to just stop amongst the chaos and lie down on a bench and take it all in.

Oh, you thought I was talking about me? I was. But sometimes we have to remember that the kids feel this same out of balance too. Sometimes my imagery might portray a bit more of our happier moments here and rightly so, we LOVE those moments. But life in the fast lane isn’t always that glorious.  We struggle. A lot. It’s a learning process that I won’t go into details about–just know that it’s always in my head.

I am just glad I got to catch one of those moments too.

Hopefully this week we can get back to the routine.


Valentine’s Day!

I think every Valentine’s Day will be “pintastical” from this point on. Last year’s was pinterest inspired and this year was no different!  Well, sort of. I was actually giving up on the creative process this year mainly because I was out of time and energy but luckily my most AMAZING friend–JJ said she had the crafty-Valentine’s-Day-pinterest-itch!   Yay for friends who LOVE pinterest as much as I do.

Here is our collaborative effort.

If you want to follow along on my pinterest adventures, click here!

Thanks, JJ. I am glad we got to spend some fun craft time together!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope it’s a sweet one!



Concepts & New Series

My winter is just really moving along as planned but we have had way too many viruses and my kids behaviors are off the charts, but it’s all things we are working on and working through.  It’s all about peaks and valleys, right? We really have to just check ourselves once in a while. Stop what we are doing, regroup, and set new goals.  I love that as a family we can work through those things together.

The same thing goes through for my love and passion for this craft. After this Fall–I did the same thing.  Stopped, regrouped, and set new goals.  And I am doing just that.  One of my goals–is to do more concept shooting.  When you think of concept shooting–think themes, commercialized, stylized, planned.  And the winter is the perfect time to get those ideas going.  I cannot WAIT to share ALL of the winter concept shoots with you and I won’t bore anymore about all the details and “concept” of concepts.  Instead–I will get to the point!


Meet my little, aka–firecracker, aka–mad scientist,–aka– the book worm.

Concept:  little girl who LOVES the library + the actual library + lots of great books + one small stylization (adorable glasses) =   I ADORE.

I might be slightly partial to the word ADORE.  I can’t help it. I do. I really do.

My main goal with all of my concepts is simple.  It’s all about creating those moments and capturing those memories.

ps. This concept shoot slightly ties into a new blog series I will be launching–I will tell more about that tomorrow.



Today was a bit better, 1 out of 2 of my littles returned to school. It was nice to have some quiet time with the Princess. Now their grandpa is here rescuing me, freeing me up to do something. I chose to blog, although I really should do the laundry.

While home today with the Princess, I decided to test out a new space of mine. A tiny home natural-light studio that I have added. It is not even close to being done and the wall that I am working with is about 3 feet wide so it’s a bit of a tight squeeze but soon with some additions I will be using it more and more.

I get told quite a bit that it must be great that my kids are so willing to be photographed. Most moms complain that the second they try and snap their little one refuses. Mine are NO different. The reason I was pulled into this career direction is less on that fact that my kids pose, it’s actually quite the opposite. I was challenged to capture them being them. That was my niche. My kids wouldn’t pose so I had to get creative on how to capture them and I fell in love with candid/lifestyle photography. However, I have wanted to challenge myself a bit with some more stylized shoots. I really need my kids to be my practice. The Princess is nearing her 6th birthday and although she is still not there when it comes to taking direction or posing for shots, she is definitely getting a bit better. I always envy seeing other photographer’s work, with their kids looking all modelesque.

Here is my  model. She has not quite mastered how to work her facial expressions. When I tell her “do this or do that”, she exclaims, “I don’t understand what you are talking about.” I need to work on my cues.

Then I ease her anxiety and give her a tickle or two. Or tell her a story, that always helps.

In the end she really is never into me giving her orders.

So I usually give up and revert back to me telling her “just be yourself, do what you want.”

The result always ends up working out much better, don’t ya think?

I look forward to sharing more about this little studio space of mine once I get it all done!