This is the only word that comes to my mind today. I had many things planned and posts planned but instead I am going to shut off my computer and take this time to spend with my family.

Last night in a town very far away, my beloved home town, a young boy lost his battle with cancer. And although our families knew each other well, I grew up with his mom, my mom and sister both worked for her dad….I never got the chance to meet this young boy in person. Although it seemed like I knew him well. His mother made sure of it. She told stories of his strength, his conquers, and showed joyous pictures of his smile.  Everyone in my home town loved him. He was just that kind of kid.

Just yesterday his mom reached out to me saying it would be wonderful to have me photograph their family. My heart swelled because I knew it would be such an honor. My heart now aches that I won’t have the chance. My heart aches for this young mother and the loss of her child. It’s incomprehensible. Now an entire town is grieving with her, even those that are so far away.

Now it’s time to reflect and truly remember the gift we have.

God bless you all, G, K, & D.


Your iPhone Takes Really Great Photos

Another question answered.

Hey Jodi, “Your camera takes really great pictures, what camera do you recommend for me?”

Hmmm…where to start. First of all, most people (i.e, photographers) get really offended by this comment. And although I have felt a pang of irkiness (my new word) from time to time, I really think there is a bit of truth to it.  Yes, a DSLR is built to be much better than your point and shoot but not for the reasons you might like or need. Depending on what you get–yes, the shutter speed is faster, it is a bit sharper, and if you invest in a great lens…it will make you very happy. This is assuming you don’t throw it on automatic all the time and hope and pray for the best.  If you are doing that, I am really not sure why you need a bulky DSLR.  I think I have the solution.

So, again, Jodi…”What type of camera should I get?” I want to capture moments. Life. My kids being kids.

The answer:  YOUR iPHONE.


Get it out, use it. It’s A-mazing. It will serve every purpose you want or need. Unless you want to capture “Johnny/Janie” in all his/her glory on the football field or soccer field and you need something with a little more reach, there is no reason besides this that you can’t get fabulous shots straight from your iPhone. And it’s instant. You don’t need to go home, plug it in, upload 100′s of photos, sort through, then save again, reupload to emails or share sites, reupload to FB. After the shot is taken (or even later if you don’t have time). It’s 1 to 2 clicks more and you have exactly what you need.

We recently took a trip to Florida and although it would have been super nice, I could not for the life of me justify any reason to bring my DSLR. With 2 high maintenance girlies, the need to move fast and quick, getting off on rides, going to the pool, I really didn’t want the headache or stress of lugging it around.  I decided to challenge myself and leave it at home. I wanted to prove to myself that I didn’t need a fancy camera to capture great memories. I needed to instead focus on what was important–the moments and the time with my family. This is not to say that people who keep their DSLR’s on them at all times are wrong, the opposite.  This is saying for me, personally, the thought of it was overwhelming.


I also think that the iPhone is awesome for everyday life. We ALWAYS have our iPhones on us. Admit it, don’t deny it. It’s our extra kid, our baby, our addiction. It’s handy, it’s accessible. Grab those moments. Get dads involved too!  PS–OVER HALF OF THESE PHOTOS IN THIS POST WERE TAKEN BY MY TALENTED HUSBAND–HONEY DO.


And finally–to all of you MAMA’s, have you SEEN this awesome post? Grab some tissues and READ it. And get your iPhone out. Set the self timer–and GET YO’ SELF in some PICTURES.


ps— I will be sharing tips on how to best use the iPhone on vacation as well as more information on APPS , the  instagram world, and the likes in a follow up post next week! Stay tuned!



What to Wear!

My number one question from every single one of my clients?? WHAT TO WEAR?

I feel your pain, I really do. We are getting ready to have our shoot done with the fabulous duo from Blue Lily and I am on a massive hunt for what WE are going to wear as well. So much so that it inspired me to make some of my own boards.

These were so much fun to make!


I started on this one when the weather was a bit warmer. But it seems like we may still have some warm days in the future:

Outfits are from Old Navy and Target.



A good choice for those crisp Fall days!

This whole board is from Old Navy.


Something with 2 baby girls in your life?

Outfits from Old Navy and Tea Collection.


Or how about a baby boy?

Outfits from Gap.


Or how about…just because I was feeling funky:

A mix of Sundance Catalog (amazing for moms),  JCrew Kids, Mini Boden, and Gap.


Just want the kids photos done…it’s all about them and all about the Gap:


One of my awesome goPro Photog friends, Jaime, made this awesome blog post about the process she went through to pick clothes for her photo shoot. Go read.

I also have pinned TONS of ideas on PINTEREST.  Click on this link to see some inspiration and follow along.

Repeat after ME:    Coordinate. Be Colorful.  Be Yourselves.

Now go shop and HAVE FUN with it!