Today was a bit better, 1 out of 2 of my littles returned to school. It was nice to have some quiet time with the Princess. Now their grandpa is here rescuing me, freeing me up to do something. I chose to blog, although I really should do the laundry.

While home today with the Princess, I decided to test out a new space of mine. A tiny home natural-light studio that I have added. It is not even close to being done and the wall that I am working with is about 3 feet wide so it’s a bit of a tight squeeze but soon with some additions I will be using it more and more.

I get told quite a bit that it must be great that my kids are so willing to be photographed. Most moms complain that the second they try and snap their little one refuses. Mine are NO different. The reason I was pulled into this career direction is less on that fact that my kids pose, it’s actually quite the opposite. I was challenged to capture them being them. That was my niche. My kids wouldn’t pose so I had to get creative on how to capture them and I fell in love with candid/lifestyle photography. However, I have wanted to challenge myself a bit with some more stylized shoots. I really need my kids to be my practice. The Princess is nearing her 6th birthday and although she is still not there when it comes to taking direction or posing for shots, she is definitely getting a bit better. I always envy seeing other photographer’s work, with their kids looking all modelesque.

Here is my  model. She has not quite mastered how to work her facial expressions. When I tell her “do this or do that”, she exclaims, “I don’t understand what you are talking about.” I need to work on my cues.

Then I ease her anxiety and give her a tickle or two. Or tell her a story, that always helps.

In the end she really is never into me giving her orders.

So I usually give up and revert back to me telling her “just be yourself, do what you want.”

The result always ends up working out much better, don’t ya think?

I look forward to sharing more about this little studio space of mine once I get it all done!



Cabin Fever

Last blog post was….ummm………….I don’t even remember.

All I know is that the end of my season was a rush, the holidays a big blur, the flu kicked my a**, it’s officially 2013, and now a bout of stomach virus has both of my littles feeling whiny, tired, and bored. I am pretty sure I will lose my mind if we don’t see a break in this soon.  What about you?

Some photog friends of mine have decided to take on a project 52. It’s loosely based, with no pressure to be perfect to get it done every week but we are challenging ourselves with some themes and technical stuff.  This week is self- portrait. This proved harder than I thought.  After a while I just made my mind up that we all need a cocoon to make it through the winter.

Here’s mine.

Oh, and you may have noticed the old bloggity blog got a makeover. Yep, I squeezed that in during the very few days where we seemed to be virus free. Scroll around (I still have a few loose ends) and let me know what you think.



Day off: After

As I was thinking about a post to write and was going to write about why I dissappeared again but then I realized the last post I wrote was called Day Off.  That pretty much sums it up. This is my next day off.

This is the first day where I feel like I can breathe. Today I have the option that I can do whatever I want. I still have many TO DO’s to get done but I don’t feel like I am swimming against a current anymore. It’s more like a stream.

I just officially finished my Fall family photography season. I am feeling pretty optimistic, I got it done. And I feel good about what I did which is even better.  I still have a few shoots here and there but I am not taking any new clients from now until the Spring season starts. Let me know if you are interested. I can put you on a list.

Today I am feeling happy. I am feeling accomplished. I am feeling balanced.

The rest of this season is all about family time, focusing on some things at home, personal projects, scheduled classes and workshops, updating this blog and giving it a makeover….all to gear up for a great Spring season. So if you need me that’s where I will be.

In the meantime, let’s pretend the blog is back 2 months ago and try to catch up. So many great experiences, kids being kids, sister visits, hubby, house and home projects, snow and storms. Oh, and all of my genuinely amazing kids and clients from this Fall.

Here are a few of my favorites.