Art Appreciation-Vincent Van Gogh

I had Art Appreciation volunteer day at my daughter’s kindergarten classroom recently.  I love to get the chance to go into the classroom and help out when I can. But I loved even more doing an art project with the kiddos.

Our featured artist was Van Gogh. My friend Stacey and I collaborated on our presentation and came up with this plan.

We found this great resource and inspiration from here and here:

Van Gogh’s Art Work is on left–examples from our resource website on right.

Stacey did an amazing presentation about Van Gogh and his history and we showed the kids his work. We showed them the sample student’s work and instructed them to interpret how they see it.  We presented the blog post on our school’s smart board so all of the kids had a great view of the samples.

Supplies needed:

White cardstock



Oil Pastels

Black mat/paper for frame

Using instructions from this resource here:

1.  Instruct the kids to draw the table with pencil. We talked about depth of table and vase and layout of vase, etc.

2.  Instruct kids to draw vase.

3.  Add flowers

4.  Signature.

5.  We then had the kids trace over the pencil line with a sharpie.

6.  We had them brighten up their colorful work with oil pastels (MY FAVORITE KIDS TOOL).

7.  Lastly, we mounted the artwork onto black squares and each kid signed and named their art work!

 We were more than thrilled with the results! This is a fabulous at home project for the kiddos as well.


In Love With a Boy

So there is this boy, he makes my heart skip a beat.

But that boy only has eyes for another boy–his Andy.

Andy needed a new “leg” on life so he came to my house for a “Dr’s visit”.

After I fixed him up, my little boy love was so happy.

I mean how can you not love a boy who is tatted up with a camera and diamonds?

Swoon. Heart. Skips. Beat.

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They are safe, non toxic, go on so vibrantly, and last 2 weeks!  Get them.



Checking in.

Let’s see…….

Life is happening fast.  Change is happening fast.  And Spring is coming on fast!

That’s all I have.

 We are all alive and well and happy and our kids are growing and testing us and keeping us on our toes.

My Spring session and dates will be announced this weekend! Keep an eye out and if you want on the list please go here:

Paintchips & Cupcakes Newsletter

Here’s a look at a recent couple’s session I did in California.  This couple not only looks good on the outside but they are pretty awesome on the inside too. At one point I lost my keys at the end of the session and they missed out on evening plans to bring a giant light to help me look for 1.5 hrs in the dark!

I am an idiot. They are the sweetest.

The end.