new year's resolutions!

As the New Year reigns in so do my goals for the year!  I have so many so I thought I would take the path of others and give a list of 36 things before I turn 37. This sort of coincides with my birthday since I am a December baby!

1.  Start OPAM—One Project a Month and finish them!

2.  Stop drinking cans of Coca Cola and start drinking Tea (I have to drink some sort of caffeine).

3.  Learn how to use Photoshop.

4.  Sew a Quilt.

5.  Create the little ones shared “Big Girl Room”.

6.  Get one of my blog posts featured on a major site.

7.  Try and make at least one kind of bread, homemade..from scratch.  I am inspired by Pinch My Salt’s Bread Challenge.

8.  Go horseback riding with Honey-Do.

9.  Start all of my own seedlings for my garden.

10.  Fix my garage sale find Singer 301 and actually sew on it!

11.  Visit Florida and take the girls to Disney World.

12.  Sew one full outfit for myself, top & bottom.

13.  Sew one full outfit for each of my girls.

14.  Make each of my girls a homemade doll.

15.  Eat something new and exotic.  Ethiopian food is on the list?!?!

16.  Visit the Grand Canyon.

17.  Run a half marathon or get pregnant with 3rd child (which ever comes first).

18.  Lose 10 lbs. I know sounds totally cliche but maybe if I drop the soda and run a half marathon?!?!

19.  Remember to send ALL of my family members birthday cards. I was a little lazy last year.

20.  Make all of my birthday gifts for 2010.  Umm…starting in March (I already bought January and February’s). Sorry!

21.  Be more timely. Yes I am THAT person.

22. Make my own sushi roll for dinner.

23.  Hike another portion of the Appalachian Trail with my Dad. We have already logged in 20 miles of it!

24.  Improve my photography. Take other people’s pictures. Master my photo workflow.

25.  Compete at the 4.0 USTA Tennis Level and WIN!

26.  Try and create an Art Playgroup for a once a month meeting.

27.  Potty train (not one) but BOTH girls……whoopee for me!

28.  Organize a charity event. I don’t know what or when but I want to do something.

29.  Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repurpose, Resourceful more than I did in 2009.

30.  Do my hair everyday. I hate doing it but it really makes such a difference.

31.  Use my own compost from my new compost bin for all my veggies in my garden.

32.  Visit a large flea market or antique swap.

33.  Visit a new Baseball stadium. My goal is to see all of them. Take Lil S to her 1st Ballgame!

34.  Attend Blogher in NYC.

35.  Go on a bike ride with Honey-Do and the Girls.

36.  Write a Blog Tutorial.

I got this list idea from my new all time favorite blog…..check her out.

Meg Duerksen


evolution of a craft/sewing room

When we first bought this house we knew right away what we were going to do with the quasi “fourth” bedroom.  It was going to be our home office.

Original room:  Yukky gray, our house was full of it.

We thought we would have this nice organized home office for the both of us to share.  We had a friend of my MIL build us some furniture to fit the room. We even had them build us a fun craft table.  Honey-Do painted the room a “gender neutral” blue. But…. I have slowly taken over the room….whoops.

My friend “L” gave me the great idea to turn the table sideways to take advantage of all sides of it.  I love the new direction but I am still struggling with it because the table is a tad too high.

As my love for crafting/creating expanded so did all the stuff that came with it.  I then came up with the idea to create the Craft Closet, which worked out great.  At least for a little while. I soon got tired of hauling all of my stuff in and out of it. I needed more access to these things, quicker access.  Of course I also started blogging and that’s pretty much where the real trouble started. I have been INSPIRED. Everyday I am inspired to do something, create something, sew something new. I get that inspiration from blogs.  The crafty mommy blogging world is amazing!!! And everyone wants to share their ideas.   I am constantly having those….”I can and I want to make that moments”. I also have come across some amazing craft/sewing rooms that have inspired me to make some changes in my personal space.

I immediately started rearranging things.  I found places in the office to put all of my crafty sewing things. I even changed the small closet in the room and turned into a sewing station. I absolutely love it!

Then I decided I wanted to see my craft supplies so I pulled them out of the closet and put them in the bookshelf. I love it. And Honey Do has been great about letting me take over our “shared” space.

I just want a little something more, a little something different.  It was designed for an office….now I need it be designed for creative work flow…with a touch of home office on the side. I am basically gutting the room and starting from scratch. Well maybe not from scratch but you know….changing it. Making it different. Making it pretty, more girly, and even more inspiring! I am going to keep the beautiful green and blue accents that are in the room.  I can’t wait to finish it!  There was one catch to Honey-Do giving me the green light to taking over “our” space….I have to do all the painting myself. Uggh! Wish me luck!