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This is my first time entering this fun contest. I have been lurking on their site for a while now.  This week’s theme is “Contemplative”. I instantly knew which picture to choose. It was right after we had Lil S and we took the girls out for a walk in a nearby reservation.  My husband caught this pix of my daugther, Princess M.  Just beautiful. Still one of my all time favorites.  Check out more amazing and talented entries at i heart faces blog!


Happy Anniversary!

I think my passion for planning parties began at a very young age but I think it came to life when I planned my first major event, my wedding.  I know some people get overwhelmed with planning such a big day but I LOVED every minute of it and if I had the chance I would do it all over again.  Since it’s going to be our 5th Wedding Anniversary this weekend I thought I would share on some of the more memorable details of our big day. It was an amazing start to our new life together!

Happy 5th Anniversary Honey-Do, I love you!


Happy 65th Ev!–Vintage Inspired–Backyard Birthday BBQ!

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We recently celebrated my MIL’s 65th Birthday!   Stu and I had such a blast planning and throwing this party and it turned out to be a wonderful and heartfelt day with family and friends.

We really wanted this party to be a full DIY event and Ev insisted that we keep it simple, so we did. I found my initial inspiration at the local Salvation Army and it snowballed from there. I found all sorts of more goodies during my thrift shop run and was able to pull most of my resources from around our homes. A trip to Michael’s and the flower shop and it all came together beautifully!

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This was the inspirational piece that brought it all together. Ev told me she loved this color blue and she loved pink flowers. How perfect are the 2 together? All the arrangements were simply done with fresh cuts from my local flower shop.

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These cute little birthday tags were made with my Big Kick Cutting Machine. I mounted the printed photo on the back of some pretty cardstock. It came out perfect, nice and thick, good quality!  Isn’t she a doll?

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We hung various pictures of Ev with all of  her family and friends around the trees.  It added such a great flare and personalized touch for Ev to enjoy at the party.  She loved it.

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A handmade birthday banner for the guest, using my new cricut machine. What fun that was! I can’t wait to make more!

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The best part of her day was celebrating with all 4 of her grandgirls!

New Jersey_2009-08-16_95

These little pies were so much fun to make and super yummy!

New Jersey_2009-08-16_94

New Jersey_2009-08-16_99

Best wishes Ev for many more birthdays to come!

I usually use wedding resources as my main resource and inspirational guide. You can pretty much take any of those ideas and minimize them for smaller affairs.  Here are some of my favorite sites:

Style Me Pretty

Hostess Blog

The Knot

Thanks to Stu for being the best party planning assistant! Ev…You’re Fired!;-)


Adventures in Gardening–Enjoying the Summer's Harvest!

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My adventure in gardening is still going strong! We have been enjoying the garden immensely and love planning our meals around our harvests.  I have even enjoyed learning from all my mistakes, there are many.

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A few things I plan on doing next year to improve the garden:

1.  Expanding the garden–I have the perfect space to add 3 raised 4 x 4 beds.  More beds=more veggies!

2.  Add a timed drip system. With 2 little ones I think this will keep the maintenance lower and keep me happy and the garden happy too (for those days that I forget).

3.  Keep all veggies in the square foot and not on the deck.  The deck would just get too hot for the pots and also having 2 separate zones to water proved to be challenging with my time constraints.  I will still keep all my herbs on the deck but keep all veggies in garden area.

4.  Space out my tomatoes.  I overcrowded them.

5.  Plant the cucumbers in their own space.  They had a choke hold on all the other veggies.  I will also try them out on the trellis next year.

6.  Start all of my own seedlings.  I already started stocking up on next year’s seeds. This year I waited too late and had to transplant most of the garden.

7.  Stake and trellis all plants immediately. I waited too long this year.

8.  Build the trellis higher. Obviously 5 ft was not tall enough for my big tomato plants and corn stalks.

9.  Experiment with new veggies: potatoes, squash, green/string beans, rhubarb…..and whatever else I can get my hands on!

Any other garden advice for the novice?

Overall this was an amazing experience and I look forward to keeping it up for years to come!