i love fall!

If it weren’t for the fact that Winter was right around the corner, Fall would officially be my favorite time of year. But everyone who knows me knows that I just don’t like to be cold. But with that said there is something very comforting about Fall. I love to layer with new sweaters and curl up in my mom Aud’s cuddly quilts and put the girls in their warm fuzzy footsy pj’s!  Don’t you just love the color change on a sunny Fall day and colorful mums on doorsteps?  Just beautiful!


happy composting!

We finally did it, we finally bought our first compost bin. After much research and back and forth discussion on what would work best, we settled on the (easiest & very affordable) compost tumbler from Costco.  And I LOVE it!

Mainly our discussion was “What will the neighbor’s think?”  Not that we thought it was weird or embarrassing to have a compost bin but rather the close proximity that we are to them. We just didn’t want to take the chance that our novice composting skills would lead to smell and little unwanted critters with an open compost pile. But we also didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for an expensive tumbler.  The other option that I considered was a worm bin. Luckily on one of our many trips to Costco we wandered down the seasonal aisle and saw exactly what we were looking for.  I will keep you posted on how it does and how much black gold it produces for my garden next year!!

Fall Photos and Girls 33 013

Fall Photos and Girls 33 012

Girls 32 (29)

Here is a great quote from Mother Earth News on the benefit of Compost Tumblers:

Although the decomposition time is not increased, compost tumblers do have advantages in addition to ease of turning. By and large, they are clean, neat, unobtrusive, pest-resistant and odor-free. Because of this, tumblers often can be used in urban and suburban areas, where local laws or restrictive covenants may prohibit open compost piles.

For more reviews on different composting options and bins, check out these sites:

Compost Info Guide


Clean Air Gardening

Come on, you know you want to have one too!?  It makes the guilt of cleaning out your fridge so much less knowing that you are putting it right into your compost bin and right back into the garden.


busy, busy!

Tennis and Girls 31 179We have been busy.  There is never enough time to do all the things I would like to do. That’s okay. I just do what I can when I can and in the meantime enjoy life in the fast lane with 2 toddlers! Blogging is one of the things I haven’t made a priority.  Here’s a quick update!

In a nutshell, we have had tons of visitors and in between tons of yukkies! I am pretty sure we sent a few visitors home with the yukkies!  Whoops!!

First a visit from our good friend Nettie! She is always so much fun!

Girls30 174

Girls30 194

Girls30 192

And then a visit from Auntie Tay Tay, Papa & Nana.

Although we seemed to miss getting some pix of Papa and Nana, but we got plenty from Auntie Tay Tay




Tennis and Girls 31 249

Tennis and Girls 31 200

Tennis and Girls 31 163

The worst feeling, 2 babies feeling blue!

Girls 32 (26)

But it didn’t take long for daddy to cheer them up!

Girls 32 (17)

Lots going on and lots to share. My to do list is a mile long but includes some fun things….sewing, composting, blogging, crafting, photographing…and some not so fun things….cleaning, organizing, renovating!!!  Hopefully I can keep up on it all!


Blue Skies!

This was a fun candid shot from our trip to the beach!

Blue Pix

I have been really behind on blogging. Really behind on everything…..meeting new babies, projects, laundry, sending care packages to my friends who are recovering (sorry Paula), helping with Sweet “16″ planning (sorry Suzie), pretty much everything!  I hope you all forgive me!!!  We have had some yukky viruses.  But we also have had lots of fun with our family from California. I will be sure to share some pix soon and hopefully get caught up with everyone and everything! In the meantime, here is another entry for the I Heart Faces photo challenge.  This week’s theme is “Blue”. Be sure to check out all the other entries.