Adventures in Gardening: Week 5 & Challenges

We are still in full swing of participating in our 2 challenges.

For my Virgin Harvest Challenge…..I am a little bummed that my attempt at starting seeds indoors went down in flames but I am still optimistic about all of my outdoor seed starts. They are thriving!

I plan on starting some more seeds indoors just for experiment since the length of time in our growing season is so short. But I figure the practice will be good for next year’s starts. I think the main issue I had was the fiber pots. I think it was impossible to keep them moist enough and I was constantly worrying about overwatering my little seedlings.  I used a good quality seed start mix and also used heat mats for germination.  Any suggestions?  My next attempt will be in the recycled pots from all of my transplants. I was trying to avoid transplanting but if I want some  summer veggies on the table, I have to go for it.

The good news is that we planted 2 fruit trees which was also a part of my Virgin Harvest Goal!

One peach tree and one apple tree. Hopefully we will see some harvest from these at the end of the growing season.

The girls are continuing in their garden challenge.

Inadvertent Farmer

They have been busy planting in their personal containers and of course watering is always the best part.

I love how big sister is helping out her little sister!

I have even let them help me out in my bed…..radishes, beans, and okra!

It’s been so much fun for me in sharing this with them.  I think they might be having some fun too!

This weekend we are expanding the garden and adding our chicken coop!


weekend getaway

We are currently enjoying some fun in the sun in Orlando. Here is a look a back at some fun we had last month!

Honey-Do had a big milestone in April. I decided to surprise him with a weekend getaway! In the end I wasn’t able to surprise him with the fact that we were actually going away to do something, but I did manage to keep the destination and the itinerary under wraps. He hates surprises but I think he was pretty happy as the trip unfolded.

We headed to New Paltz, NY. Our first stop was straight to our B & B. I fell in love the second I turned on to the B & B’s road. It was gorgeous with ponds in both the front and backyards, green grass all around, and mountains towering in the North. Exactly our kind of place. Not to mention that it was new, updated, clean, and the Innkeepers were so welcoming!

For the first night we had dinner reservations at the Culinary Institute of America in New Hyde. I really wanted to taste their very casual–farm to table, student run restaurant. It wasn’t the best meal we have had but the experience was so worth it.

The next morning we slept in, actually we didn’t but it was nice not to have to rush out bed.  We enjoyed an amazing breakfast at the Inn and then we headed out for a bike ride across the Hudson River.

The long bike ride was something we hadn’t done since before the babies came along. It was really nice. Nice to be together doing some of the old things we loved.  We look forward to getting the girls out on these bike rides with us.

After our bike ride we hit the 80 mile Shawagunk Wine Trail: Pasta Primo Vino Tour. Although we didn’t make it to all of the wineries, we enjoyed most of them. The country side was beautiful. It was our first ever wine tasting tour.  The wine was refreshing and the pasta yummy but the best part was enjoying the views from the mountainsides.

This was our kind of trip. The kind of things we enjoy doing. We missed our girls so much but it was so nice to get away. As a couple. Relaxing, talking, just enjoying the moment.  Happy birthday Honey-Do. I love you and look forward to many more.

ps—I am a little late with some of my posts but I hope you will still enjoy them. My excuse–life in the fastlane of toddlers.:)


Making New Friends

We recently took a trip to a local farm to check out some new chicken coops.

But the girls were not interested in the coop, they had better things to do.

At one point Princess M said, “Aww, don’t be sad cow…it’s okay.”

The raindrops were sliding down the steer’s face as if it were crying. My girl is so empathetic.

Luckily, Firecracker was there to cheer them up.

The girls didn’t want to leave….they kept running away from me.

I had to laugh….I wasn’t sure who was more curious about who?