All Star Family Photo Shoot

I love family photo shoots.

These are more good friends of ours.

One of the nicest couples that we have ever met.

And their daughter, a little sparkplug and ridiculously cute.

Watch out for this one mom and dad.

She (aka mommy) is gorgeous.

And he (aka daddy) is oober photogenic.

And that results in the super adorable little girl.

All of their pictures came out so great, it was hard to choose.

So I won’t.

I will just show off all of them.

Don’t they look like the paparazzi should be chasing after them?

Rock stars.

Thanks A & P.

Your session was so much fun. I love that you are enjoying your photos!


over my head

Our little Canon point and shoot took a dive into the sand last summer and we have been without one ever since. We were reluctant to buy another one since we mainly use our DSLR.

But we love going to our town pool and the beach and certainly don’t like risking our DSLR at either place.

We recently discovered Canon’s underwater point and shoot and we LOVE it. It takes great photos and most importantly it can be thrown in the water and sand without any issues!

As a tribute to our new toy, here is our entry this week.

Welcome D10, we will use you to your fullest.

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I finally finished the playroom.


Off the to-do list.

I finished because of my little niece.

Thank you Nat-Nat.

She is a very good seamstress.

I apologize for all the photos.

There is zero natural light in this room and I have no idea how to use good flash photography…..yet.

I am working on it.

This room is in our basement. I painted the walls yellow to brighten it up. It was ugly grey paneling before.

I love how happy and cheery it is.

It is a great place to spend our time when it’s raining, or too hot, or in the cold winter.

Actually, most of the room has been done for a while.

It was just all of the sewing that I needed to finish. We painted a while ago.

My taste is always changing. After it was all done, I thought that I should have painted it something different.

Maybe white?  I don’t know.

This artwork is from Children Inspire Design.

I love all of her work.

Expedit shelves from IKEA.

The dress up station is my favorite part of the room.  I hacked it out of a few IKEA pieces.

I thought it turned out great. So much cheaper than the dress up stations I googled and found.

I think the whole hack–dress up station, window treatments, and play tent were less than 100.

You can’t find anything cheaper than that, trust me, I tried.

Am I completely satisfied with the room?  Maybe.

But all that matters is that the kiddos ARE.

They L-O-V-E  it.

They pronounce it the “biscuit”. Mommy, let’s go to da “Biscuit.”

And in case you were wondering?  Yeah, this is pretty much how it looks most days.

With 2 small toddlers, we are still working on our cleanup routine.


train track photo shoot

I recently did a photo shoot for my friend’s little girls. She wanted to get some good pictures to use as a Father’s Day Gift for her husband.  The girls were amazing, so great to shoot.

Most of the photos we took were not posed. Just the girls having fun.  We would let them play then call out their names and tell them to smile.  But some of my favorite shots were of them just doing what they do.

The older girls were happy to strike a pose when asked.

These were some of my favorite shots from the day.

The littlest sister would throw up the cutest-ever-make-you-crack-up-cheesey-smile the second she would see the camera.

They followed the leader, in natural birth order–unposed.

I love playing with actions and textures in photoshop.

Their coordinating dresses were perfect for this location.

Thanks my friend for letting me capture them on camera.  Hope your hubbie loves his gift.