Halloween Tutu–Giveaway #2

Giveaway closed!!!

I had such a blast with yesterday’s giveaway! Thank you for all of the sweet, sweet comments! I welcome all the new Facebook Fans and subscribers, I hope you will stick around. I think you will have fun here.  You can also subscribe if you want emails directly to your inbox!

For those who are new–a little about the blog.  My blog is a little bit of that and a little bit of this, hence the name. I am a SAHM of 2 little rugrats–Princess M and Firecracker. They both keep me pretty busy and most of the things that I do on this blog revolve around them. I have a newfound passion for photography–because of them, I sew princess dresses–because of them, I got pet chickens for them, I love to plan birthday parties–for them, love to garden with them, do room renovations for them.  Honey Do and I love to makeover our home when we have the time! We also love to do for others!

All of these things will be featured on the blog and hopefully provide a little inspiration for you all in return.  This was my first ever giveaway but I plan on continuing them because they are really a blast.

Okay, enough about me and the family. Onto the FUN!

Here are today’s giveaways!

All you have to do is leave a comment here on the blog for a chance to win this 24 month tutu dress.

This dress was inspired by my little Firecracker who told me that she wanted to be a witch for Halloween.

Or a comment on my Facebook Fanpage under the Tutu post to win this 3T Cotton Candy Bat Girl Dress.

Simply leave a comment either telling me what was your favorite costume you had as a kid.

Mine was my punk rocker cheerleader that I came up with at the last minute.

I will have to find a picture and post one day!

How is the winner picked?  I will use random generator to pick one winner for each tutu.

Contest ends on Thursday (Oct 7th at midnight (EST), winner picked Friday AM. (Hopefully I will be able to stay awake long enough to pick the winner again!)

One entry per person.

Oh and make sure I have a way to contact you, proper email addresses please.

and ps…..remember if you don’t win…you can always make one for yourself. They are easy! Check out the full tutorial here.

Disclosure:  These tutus, headbands, and leg warmers were made by me. They are not professionally done so please try not to rip me a new one should they fall apart. 🙂  I am just a crafty mom doing crafty things. Thanks!


Halloween Tutu–Giveaway #1

As promised from yesterday’s tutorial post, I am giving away some tutus!  3 days this week I will be giving tutus, 2 each time. One to a commenter on my blog and one to a commenter on my facebook fanpage! This is my first official giveaway and I am really excited about this one because they are all made by me. 🙂 I want to say a big thanks Laura for helping me pick out the colors and actually make decisions, you rock! And to JJ for giving me the push to make on for friend’s tricky tray we are attending!

Why would I do this you ask?  Because I am feeling good about where I am going with this blog and because I cleaned out my craft room and needed to get rid of this tulle!  Seriously though, in honor of over 100 posts written and over 200 fans and lots of loyal readers, I thought I would give a little back.

Here is how it works:

All you have to do is leave a comment here on the blog for a chance to win this 3-6 month tutu dress.

ps…I left the dress a little long on this baby tutu, you can trim down at home if need be.

Or a comment on my Facebook Fanpage under the Tutu post to win this 18 month old dress.

ps….this is a no-sew tutu. I am not a huge fan of them but they are really cute.

And what does the comment have to say you ask?  Simple, leave a comment either telling me one or more of the following:

  • What are you dressing your kids up for Halloween this year?
  • Where are you buying your kids’ costume?

If you are a seamstress, expert crafter–you can give me advice on yesterday’s tutorial.

  • How would you have finished off the inside of that dress to make the tulle less scratchy?
  • Any tips, tricks for making a better tutu dress.

If you are photographer–you can give advice on how to photograph a tutorial better.

Or you can just tell me how your day is going.   Mine is better thanks for asking… (last week was a bit rough.)

See it’s that simple! And I will be giving away more as the week progresses. The sizes will get bigger as I go!!

How is the winner picked?  I will use random generator to pick one winner for each tutu.

Contest ends on Tues night at midnight (EST), winner picked Wed AM.

Giveaway Closed!

Oh and make sure I have a way to contact you, proper email addresses please.

Disclosure:  These tutus, headbands, and leg warmers were made by me. They are not professionally done so please try not to rip me a new one should they fall apart. 🙂  I am just a crafty mom doing crafty things. Thanks!


Tutu Dress Tutorial–(Halloween Style)

When Princess M turned 3 I decided to throw her a Princess type bash, with all the girls fully outfitted with Princess Tutus of course!.  I get emails often asking how I made those dresses so I thought I would share with everyone my fun Tutu Dress Tutorial.

Again I searched and searched for an online tutorial but could not find one. There are a ton of no-sew tutus out there but I wanted something different. I bought a couple of patterns but after staring at them for days I ditched them and decided just to tackle this one on my own.

It’s a simple concept, not finished off perfectly but it gets the job done and of course my girls love them!

For this project (and a few more that I will share at the end of this post) I had a lot of leftover fabric and supplies from this craft show so I thought I would put them to use.


  • Long wool socks for inspiration
  • 4 yards of Tulle
  • Plain t-shirt or you could even upcycle a current t-shirt
  • 1/4 yard of coordinating cotton fabric for applique
  • Stabilizer (my preference is Heat Bond but Steam A Seam works well too)
  • Scissors (for paper and for fabric)
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine

Part 1—Making Your Appliqué:

First create your template. I usually just “google” what I need and find something simple. You can also create something in Microsoft word, using clip-art. Or you can even buy ready made templates on Etsy for pretty cheap.

Cut out your template using your paper scissors. (I used to get yelled at for using my mom Audrey’s good scissors, I never understood what the big deal was, now I know why.) Sorry Aud! 🙂

Attach your template to your heat bond. (Hint: most good appliqués are mirror images but if they are not pay close attention to this part and which side you should place your template before cutting.)

Cut out your appliqué.

Iron your appliqué fabric prior to use.

Peel off the back side of your appliqué heat bond template.

Attach to the wrong side of fabric and iron down.

Cut out your appliquéd fabric with your good scissors. (It’s now safe to use your sewing scissors).

Admire your work.

The heat bond is double sided, remove the paper backing from your new appliqué.

Position it onto your shirt and iron down.

Accessorize more heat bond appliqués in coordinating fabrics, if necessary.

Stitch down your applique to the shirt. I prefer to use a straight stitch, I like the way it looks, but some people prefer to zig-zag their appliqué.  Remember this is free-spirited sewing, there is no right or wrong. In fact the heat bond is a “no-sew” version, you can even get away with just ironing it on if you like.

I added a cute bow to bring out the girlie effect but that’s just me (mom to 2 girlie girls)!

Part 2–Making The Dress:

Find a large location where you can lay out your 4 yards of Tulle and fold in half. Tulle can be very slippery so you might even want to pin as you go or recruit some help!  Also, it helps that you keep it in good condition after you leave the fabric store and not let it get into a crumpled mess like I did.

Fold in half again and pin down. My large location was in our entry way (while construction was going on in our new mudroom).

Hence why you see lots of dirt.

Next fold the entire the in half from end to end (width wise) and cut in half.   Does any of this make sense or have I lost you?

Now you have 2 strips with 4 layers. Comprende?

Now you need to separate the layers. Our goals is to have 4 strips with 2 layers. So take each of the 4 layered strips and cut along the folds to separate.

See now you have 4 perfectly cut and flat (ahem!) strips of tulle that are 2 layers each on your very clean work space of a floor.

Gathering our layers—Sew in a straight stitch across each layer (DO NOT backstitch), you will see why in a second.  Some people sew 2 straight lines but I found for this project you only need 1.

Separate out your threads and find your top stitch. Or in free-spirited land pull on both and see which one will actually gather.

Keep pulling your thread gathering up the fabric, slide the gathers down to the end. Oh, you may want to tie a not on the end so your gathers don’t fall off and you have to start over. Also, don’t pull too hard or your thread will break and you will have to start over (NOT FUN!)  Repeat these steps until all 4 strips are gathered and ready go. How much gather you ask?  Just eye ball it in free spirited land, it will need to be big enough to still wrap around your appliquéd shirt.

Lay your gathered strips down onto your appliquéd shirt with your tulle facing the wrong way (technically it would be right sides together).

Repeat until all 4 layers are added, now you have a nice full tulle skirt ready to be attached.

Carefully pin down to your shirt.

Flip it over and make sure you have caught all of your tulle layers. Again, tulle can be very slippery and it’s easy for it to slide out of place.

Shove your overly poofed tulle skirt into the sewing machine. Carefully pull on the shirt part to the left to make sure that it’s nice and flat and that you are not catching parts of it in your skirt (only the part pin down). Sew a straight stitch around your entire skirt, backstitching as you go for reinforcement.

Double check your dress that you have removed all pins, fashion up a hair bow and some fun socks and you have an instant Halloween Tutu Dress!

I hope you like the tutorial and I hope you give it a try! Stay tuned till Tuesday, I will be doing my FIRST ever giveaway….hint, hint…it involves some tulle!