Just Because

Just because I like to trying new things.

Just because it’s rainy and windy here and I wish it wasn’t.

Just because I think this is funny.

Just because it was such a nice vacation and we should all vacation more.

My attempt at an animated gif.

ps. I stopped a frame or two way too early because I was worried about her landing–it looked like a belly flop that wasn’t going to end well. Not to worry though, she was all smiles when we were done!

Thanks to my friend, Taylor, for teaching me a new trick.


Spring: What To Wear Guide

Spring season is in FULL swing and I have been getting lots of questions about What to Wear? You can see my past what to wear guides here!

I am still receiving my subscription to  What to Wear Guide from  Karlen Kleinkopf.  She put together a great Spring lineup!

As always I get inspired to go shopping myself. This trip was all about Old Navy! And there are some really great looks out there.

I made this board for a future client of mine who has 3 little girls! I love how everything coordinates so well!

Monochromatic works great but make sure to layer and add textures within your outfits!

Pink is the HOT thing this Spring and I am loving the look of it!

Here are a couple of happy and colorful shots from recent Spring family sessions!

Have fun shopping and think Spring.


Gina Rau’s Ebook and Food Guide

I might have mentioned a time or 2 that I have been working on a crazy–sort of secret project. A fun filled labor of LOVE project.

It’s for my friend, Gina Rau, of Feed Our Families and it’s DONE and ready to go.

You can read more about the book here:


You can buy it here.


I have been following Gina since the dawn of my time and entry into the world of blogging, social media, and facebook. She is the wife of an old high school friend. I found her to be such an inspiration and go to person for all things KIDS + FOOD. I pretty much have followed her religiously and rave/recommend her to the World.

I was thrilled when she picked me to help her launch her new Ebook, polish it up and bring it to life.

Here is a sneak peak at the goodness…..


Gina’s story is an amazing one. And as a mom of a child who has sensitivities/sensory issues, I can feel her emotions as she cooked her way through this process.  The world of socialization, schooling, food, and life in general for these kids is a lot of work—I can relate to everything she talks about in her blog and her life. Gina, for me, is a true role model. She is the mom who works hard and believes in her KIDS. She is a MAMA. A protector of her children. She is the kind of mama I work hard to be every day.

Her guide book is so amazingly resourceful, passionate, and chock FULL of delicious recipes. Trust me, I made EACH and every one of them and each new one made me more impressed than the last.

This resource and guidebook will be such an amazing help to SOOO many other families so please SHARE this info with anyone you know who might be out of answers and looking to make a change in their kids life. Please support Gina, Justin, Patrick and Marci as they have opened up their hearts to share their stories and HELP others.

Gina is offering a limited discount through tomorrow in honor of her book launch. You can use this discount code through tomorrow.


Special thanks to my friend Stacey (who let me use her kids for my hands shots and for watching mine when I was in a bind.), Laura who cooked with me along the way, and my husband for accepting when I take on big projects/tasks.  Also, special thanks to Jenny and to Kelley for being my go to help with ID questions!

Thanks, Gina for letting me help you on your journey and for being so PATIENT.:)Good luck with your book and well wishes for continued success!


Free to be Five….

We all feel it this time of year. The sense of urgency for so many things. The wanting of Spring, Spring cleaning and organization, getting kids organized for Summer, making Summer plans, birthday parties, end of school year activities, and of course—for me–work. The Spring is in full swing! And it feels like I am going to blink and Summer will be here and next thing you know Fall and the year all starts over again.

I feel the sense of urgency that I am losing time. This short time of their little childhood. I long for it to slow down. Stop. Freeze.  I don’t want to let them grow.  Although my girls are so close in age, this one is still my baby.  But all she can’t wait for is turning 5.

Sigh. Next week is her birthday. The big one.  The next step.

Send the tissues my way. I am having a hard time with this transition.  Trying to let her go and be free to be five. It just ain’t easy.