Arts and Crafts with Cousins

The cousins are in town for holiday celebrations. We were lucky to spend an afternoon with them before the festivities began and I took advantage of the art room for some fun with arts and crafts.

The first project we did was contact paper watercolor art. I found this via the Artful Parent who picked it up from here and she picked it up from here. Yay, everyone linked up!  We pretty much did the exact same project with no changes. The girls LOVED it.

2nd project–I am always picking up random projects at Michaels and decided to give Shrinky Dinks a go. My girls and I have done this before but today I decided to do a spin on the very popular stamped jewelry—Shrinky Dink style. So simple and so easy!

Each kid picked a template from the Shrinky Dink poster.  I then added a large circle with each of the girls’ initial.

I traced around the picture with a sharpie and the girls colored in their pictures with colored pencils.  The trick is to press really hard.

Next, I cut out each of their pictures.

They waited patiently as I did this (cough, cough).

Since we were not using jewelry charm holders, we punched two holes in each of their Shrinky Dinks.

We followed the instructions on the Shrinky Dink package, placed on a cookie sheet, and threw them in the oven.

I watched as the girls fought over real estate to see the magic happen.

Next they strung their now shrunk charms onto some hemp rope.

And voila, their own personalized Shrinky-Dink necklace!

A perfect post-holiday craft activity.