Sand-Art Brownie Tutorial for Teacher/Holiday Gifts

As promised here is my how to on the Sand-Art Brownies.  The dust settled and we found our groove with this project over the weekend.

The kids LOVED doing it and their teachers loved it even more.

The recipe we used for this can be found here at What’s Cooking With Kids Blog.

First start with your wide mouth quart jars (we used regular mouth but had a funnel to help). Start the kiddos layering the ingredients based on Michelle’s Recipe.

Although this does get a little messy, the kids really can do most of the work themselves. And as I said, my kids loved it.

Don’t be afraid of the mess, go for it.

Once you are done,  you will have a beautiful layered jar full of delicious ingredients.  You can stop here and just attach your tag now, or you can do what I did and add that extra step.

I baked many batches of these yummy brownies then I cut our brownies into squares (some circles…when I was trying to pass them off as cookies) and layered them neatly in the jar.

Next, I went to work on my tags.

I found these already ready to go printables via pinterest.  Here are the direct links.  Here and Here.

I opened them up in Photoshop and then added my own text.

I simply cut one out around the edges and used a circle cutter for the other.

 I used a sizzix (best gift from my husband) for the backers, I used a scallop and gift tag template.  They worked nicely with the printables I found.

If you don’t have a sizzix don’t sweat it, you can always find a template online somewhere. The beauty of the internet.

Next, I glued the circles and tags onto the backers.

One of the biggest obstacles was finding a way to attache both jars and still look cute.  Japanese washi tape. Pure brilliance and oh so adorable.  This was my first time using the tape, I had been looking for an excuse. I happen to find mine at Anthropologie on clearance but you can find them online and in most craft stores now. I did two layers of one design and then for the middle layer went with a little something funky.  I attached the tags with colored twine.

We just happen to have lids that were pre-drilled from the Princess’s bash last year so we didn’t have to do anything for this project. But for purposes of a tutorial I will show you that we just took a drill and drilled through the lid. Easy peasy.  And for those that are very visual…this picture was just for fun. We didn’t really use that large of a bit. 😉

Now for the fun part, the handle!  I found this thick jute rope at the local hardware store. It’s very cheap and easy to use.  I cut down a piece about 10 inches long.

I put the jute through the opening of the lid and tied a knot at the end.

I slipped on the ring to secure. Next, I put the 2nd ring on (that’s an important step!)

And then repeated the knot through the 2nd pre-drilled lid.

Fastened both down and voila!!

A duo of mason jars. One with the deconstructed brownie mix and one with a yummy batch of brownies.

If you are looking for a last minute Holiday or Teacher Gift, here is a great one! Give it a try!

Happy Holidays.