Firecracker’s Superhero Girl Party

Our little Firecracker turned 3 last week and we celebrated her birthday girl in style.

Superhero Style!

Her requests:  superhero, capes, purple, and batgirl.

I think we managed to make all that happen.

My sister and a friend both asked me when she was going to get a party like her sister’s.

Umm..cough, cough, I didn’t know anyone was keeping track.  😉

They both have had equally great parties but sometimes the parties don’t make the blog, like last years for Firecracker’s.

She had a recyled garden party. It was super fabulous and perfect for her. One day I will post it.

But the challenge was presented and so I decided to go over the top for her party this year.

I mean, come on…once a mother is given some guilt….it can really be motivational.  🙂

So, I got the bright idea that I was going to make everyone in the party the same capes I had made for my girls.

I know, I know…insanity.

30 capes proved to be just about all I could handle. 🙂

Luckily, Miss L was around to help me.  We tag teamed all of the capes.

I love them all and so did all of the kids.  They were worth all of the effort.


Even the adults had some fun with them.


This was also the first year we had the Firecracker’s party outside the house.

And for those that are keeping score, Princess had one outside the house too. Her 2nd.

ps…My friend and my sister know I love them. 🙂

Anyhow, the setup outside the home proved to be a challenge.

We did set the table very nicely, just not as nice as it could have been….20 minutes is not enough time.

Normally, I setup the night before. The party also was crazy busy so I really didn’t have time to capture enough detail shots.


But the Firecracker didn’t care, she loved every bit of it and still talks about her party every day….”Is today my birthday party mama?”

Haha, gotta love it.

That is the main reason I go so over the top with these things

Happy little girls and the memories they take away. thought that was the end of the post?

Well, I wanted a “redo” of how my table should of looked for the party.

I was also going to be sharing my images with my favorite etsy shop (Paper and Pigtails) who created all the custom printables for my event  I didn’t really have the quality images that I normally have.

So, later the next week, I took all of the leftovers from Firecracker’s bash and turned our dining room table into a party table.

The only thing I bought were the extra cupcakes, which my girls and honey do happily gobbled up.

PS–if you are interested in any of these printables….Kori, Paper and Pigtails, made them available in her Etsy Shop!

Go check them out.