Blogs I like to Read

Thanks for all the kind words about the art room last week. It’s funny. I can obsess and obsess over something and it doesn’t work out. But a room like this where I kind of let things move along naturally, it works out better. (Cough, cough, at least I didn’t obsess too much!).

We have lots of art projects already to share and even a giveaway ….so stay tuned.


A lot of people wonder where my creativity comes from?  I was pretty much a complete tomboy growing up.

I think it’s always been there and I just haven’t let it out.  But it’s really less about the creativity and more about the inspiration. Besides my kids, who fuel my creativity, I also gather tons of resources and find beauty in OPB.


Yeah. I am down with OPB.

Other People’s Blogs.

Hello, my name is Jo Jo and I am an addict.

A blog reading addict.

I love blogs.

I find all of my inspiration and ideas from blogs.

Blogs make me happy.

Blogs make me smile.


So I decided to share with all of you what blogs I love and that I find resourceful and fully of inspiration.

These are in no particular order.

But a word of warning…..INSPIRATION OVERLOAD.


Design Blogs


Apartment Therapy

Design Sponge

Miko Designs



Graphic Design

Cinnamon Girl Studio

Michael Emo


Great reads

Dig This Chick

Seth Godin


All Around Everything Blogs

Under the Sycamore


Pioneer Woman

Everything {Nothing} Wonderful

Dukes and Duchesses

Melissa Made


Photography Blogs

I Heart Faces

Ramblings and Photos

Kidnapped by Suburbia

Rustic Photography

Savor Photography

American Mum


Food Blogs

Feed Our Families

Pinch My Salt


Creative Blogs for Kids

Artful Parent

Write Start

Sharon Lovejoy Writes

Paper N Stitch


Crafty Blogs

How About Orange

Maya Made



Soule Mama

Small Measure


Party Planning Blogs

Paper and Pigtails

Save the Date for Cupcakes

Hostess with the Mostess

Style Me Pretty


Mommy Blogs

Scary Mommy

Highheels and Diapers



Travis Sheridan

Gina, The Librarianette–Part 1

Gina, The Librarianette–Part 2

Silvia Chenault


Gardening Blogs

The Inadvertant Farmer

aHa! Home and Garden


Sewing Blogs

True Up

Sew Mama Sew

Cluck Cluck Sew

Rock, Paper, Scissors


Forgive me if I missed someone. I was going through all my emails, readers, etc. trying to find each and every one.

What about you? Where do you go to for inspiration?  Do you enjoy reading blogs? What’s on your list?