Princess & the Pea, Pajamas & Pancakes–Birthday Party

Finally I have some party pictures from Princess M’s Bash.

Remember how very specific she was with her requests.

I made the invitation using a Design Aglow template.

She woke up the morning of her party……and ran into our bedroom (I had set everything up the night before) asking if she could go downstairs and see her party.

Her reaction is exactly why I do these things and go so over the top.

“Oh mama, I love my party, it’s soooo gorgeous!”

She went on and on……look at this and look at that.

But the funny part was….I didn’t have the ballons up and that was one of her very specific requests.

“But Mama…..where are my balloons?”

Luckily, I had them….

Princess and the Pea tablecloth.

I wanted the table to look like mattresses stacked on each other. I was happy with the results.

I love that she is still into Princesses.

Although half way through all of my sewing, she said she wanted a Super Hero party.

Uh, I don’t think so.

But I am inspired to do one for Firecracker!

I made her pajama top out of just a plain white pajama shirt and then appliqued a Princess and the Pea theme.

I cut out of one of Heather Ross’s Princesses and I found the rest of my inspiration from this photo.

Hand made party favor bags for each little girl.

Honey-Do drilled holes in the top of the lids to help slip the straws in. It made the table so cute and functional!

Each little girl came in started on a craft project.

They decorated their crowns, made wands, and little picture castles.

Dessert Table.

All of my paper printables were done by Paper and Pigtails.

She does beautiful work and I look forward to working with her again for Firecracker’s party!

I know I took tons of photos of the food table but for some reason I can’t find them. Weird.

My SIL made the girls pancakes, which they happily gobbled up.

We had a nice spread for the adults and my friend JJ made 2 amazing and tasty dishes. Yum!

How do I get it all done?  I get it done because of my 2 hands. My right hand is –honey do and my left hand is Miss L (pictured below). You remember her from last year’s party?  She is amazing. My girls love her. We tagged team projects and childcare. It worked beautifully.

She also played several games with the girls and ready the story of the Princess & the Pea.

She is fantastic with kids. I had a lot of people asking for her phone number after.

Stay away. She is busy.  🙂

Miss L’s friend did all of the facepainting.  Very talented.

My friend Shannon, my MIL, and my friend JJ hooked up the nails and toes for everyone!

20 little girls made their way to our house for the big bash all dressed up in their best PJ’s.

I think that was their favorite part of the party, getting to wear PJ’s outside the house.

Princess M still does not do well at out of the house birthdays, which is why I like to do home parties for her.

Other than one minor hiccup, she was in her complete comfort zone for the entire day.

It was just one of those great days where so many people jumped in and helped, which is great because I probably had hot flashes at one point.  🙂 Thanks to all of my family and friends for indulging in my obsessiveness!

Seriously though, I know I go over the top. But I feel blessed that I can. That I have the spare time to put in the extra details and really give them something to remember. These type of parties won’t be around much longer.

I really just want to enjoy doing it while I can. I love every minute of it.

Happy Birthday Princess.

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