Knight/Prince Costume Tutorial

Some of you may remember that last year I threw Princess M a Princess & Knight birthday party. It was such a great day!  Anyhow, I have been asked recently by a couple of people on how I made the knight’s costumes so I thought it would be fun to create a little tutorial! PS–you can find the Princess Tutorial here.

What you will need:

  1. Shirt or pattern for your template
  2. Scissors
  3. Sewing Machine
  4. Wonder Under or Steam a Seam for applique
  5. Approximately 1/2 yard per costume of fabric of your choice.
  6. Approximately 1/4 of a yard coordinating fabric for trim.
  7. Measuring tape
  8. Thread
  9. And a seam ripper……..

I tried and tried to use a pattern for the costume but as I have told you all before, I am completely pattern illiterate. So this is how I did it. I found an old t-shirt (this is not the original one) that fit the size of the toddler boys attending the party. Since most of the boys were about the same age and close in size, it was safe to make it a one size fits all type of deal.  I would advise to try the shirt on your tot just to make sure it fits right.

First cut off the t-shirt sleeves to start creating your template.

Next cut the shirt apart separating the front side from the back side.

Pin the front of the shirt down to the fabric. I wish I could say that these were my perfectly manicured nails but they belong to my awesome babysitter who helped me out with the tutorial! Thanks L!

Next cut out the fabric using your t-shirt template.

Repeat the process for the back of the t-shirt.

Once both sides of the costume are cut out pin them right sides together. This fabric didn’t have a right or wrong so it was pretty easy.  I also trimmed down the fabric to make sure the front and the back were even.

Next sew the top of the sleeve and the sides of the costume down. Make sure that you don’t accidentally sew the sleeve closed (like I did) or you will have fun with your seam ripper. My seam ripper and I are the best of friends.

Just ignore my pink thread, I would say that it was because I wanted you to see where I stitched but the truth is I was just too lazy to take it out. 🙂

After everything is sewn together turn your fabric back to right side out.

To make the Knight’s trim on the arm and sleeve, I used a measuring tape to find out the dimensions of the sleeve and the bottom of the shirt.

I then cut strips of felt fabric 2 ” wide and the length of the sleeve circumference. I repeated this for the bottom of the costume too.

I notched the bottom of the trim, making it look as knightly as possible.

I found inspiration for this from a pattern but again since I can’t read them so I didn’t bother to use it.

With the trim flipped up (technically right sides together),  I pinned my felt down to both sleeves and bottom of shirt.

Next sew them together. And flip them back down.

We all know how much I love appliqués. You can find my tutorial here along with those Princess Dresses.

Next, iron down the appliqués using a fun design.  I also did stitch down the appliqué too even though I am not showing it here in the tutorial.  Each guest had their own initial on a shield on the front of the costume, it was such a nice touch that everyone really appreciated.

There you have it, Knight/Prince costumes for you party! And FYI–I did not polish up the neckline because I am just too lazy….but I did find that helped to get the costumes on the boys!  Also, since I had several boys coming I cut out several shirts all at once as well as the trim and formed a bit of an assembly line!

It was really inexpensive to make these, it’s really all about how much time you have. These make great party favors that the guests can keep in their dress up bin for a while.

Princess just turned 4 (this was her 3rd birthday) and I have her party to feature soon. Stay tuned!