Pancakes for the Princess

I am already hard at work planning out Princess and Firecracker’s birthdays for this Spring. Princess is first in February.

She has been pretty clear on what she wants at her party… is a hint.

“Mama, I gonna have princess & jamas (pj’s) at my party. And a princess hat, yellow and pink shoes…cause I have 2 feet, and some gloves.  Mmmmm and I love pancakes mama.”  Well, okay then.

I love that she is so specific. And not in a demanding way, but rather a wide eyed, imaginative way. It’s very cute.

It’s hard to believe she is turning 4. 4 is such a milestone….it’s different than 1, 2, or 3.

She is slowly leaving the toddler stage and I am not sure I am ready just yet.

Either way, time to put on my princess party planning hat and get to work.