We had this crazy ugly space in our garage. It really was unsightly, made no sense, and became a dumping ground. I had always thought it would make a great mudroom but of course we had other priorities. We have worked really hard on changing over our 80’s house and we are close to finishing, just have the kitchen to do. Since it will probably be forever until that gets done we decided to finally make our little garage/mudroom space our latest project.

What a transformation.

This is it, this sealed the deal, I never want to move. I always thought it would be a kitchen that would send me over the edge. But I have to admit my mudroom makes me happy.  I could put in chair in there, kick my feet back and lounge. )

I had been wanting to paint a room in our house white but wasn’t sure when I would have the chance. I love this look. I mean it was really hard because every room in my house is painted with some sort of color. But we went for it and I think it really paid off.

I finally have a place to grow some plants in the window seal.

We made cubbies for each of us. Right after the carpenter finished putting them in we realized that there was no where for honey-do to hang his very tall coats. Whoops… bad. Luckily we had this giant wall that really served no purpose, we came up with the idea to make it our coat rack. He even added a little shelf on the top for collections.

We found some space to carve out a spot for all the muck/rain/snow boots.

I love this old bench I found but I was unsure of what to put above it.  I decided to hang some of their art. They have a great space in their artroom I keep the bulk of it, but the really fun stuff can hang here.

Or not….apparently I am the only one who likes that look.  Everyone thinks a mirror but I really wanted to infuse the kids things into the room.

What do you think?  Mirror, kids art, or maybe even a fun thing like a vintage chalkboard?

Leave a comment telling me your vote or throw in another idea and you could win this print from Etsy Artist-The Wheatfield. I love her work. I used her “You Are Free to Fly” Print in the mudroom and the girls have her “Haiti Love” Print in their room.

Print only (frame and doll not included).

Giveaway ends Sunday, November 21st. Winner will be announced on Monday, the 22nd!


Congrats to Renee Pea!