I finally finished the playroom.


Off the to-do list.

I finished because of my little niece.

Thank you Nat-Nat.

She is a very good seamstress.

I apologize for all the photos.

There is zero natural light in this room and I have no idea how to use good flash photography…..yet.

I am working on it.

This room is in our basement. I painted the walls yellow to brighten it up. It was ugly grey paneling before.

I love how happy and cheery it is.

It is a great place to spend our time when it’s raining, or too hot, or in the cold winter.

Actually, most of the room has been done for a while.

It was just all of the sewing that I needed to finish. We painted a while ago.

My taste is always changing. After it was all done, I thought that I should have painted it something different.

Maybe white?  I don’t know.

This artwork is from Children Inspire Design.

I love all of her work.

Expedit shelves from IKEA.

The dress up station is my favorite part of the room.  I hacked it out of a few IKEA pieces.

I thought it turned out great. So much cheaper than the dress up stations I googled and found.

I think the whole hack–dress up station, window treatments, and play tent were less than 100.

You can’t find anything cheaper than that, trust me, I tried.

Am I completely satisfied with the room?  Maybe.

But all that matters is that the kiddos ARE.

They L-O-V-E  it.

They pronounce it the “biscuit”. Mommy, let’s go to da “Biscuit.”

And in case you were wondering?  Yeah, this is pretty much how it looks most days.

With 2 small toddlers, we are still working on our cleanup routine.