adventures in gardening: taking on new challenges

Well here we are again! Year 2 of my little gardening adventure.  I am happy to say that I still have the desire, motivation, and drive to still want to garden. Sometimes when we (me) start out on new adventures they sometimes fizzle out due to boredom, too much work, stress, money, etc. I am sure I can think of a dozen or more excuses. But gardening is different. There is something very satisfactory about the thought of putting food on my own table from my own back yard. From getting my fingers dirty in the composted soil. From watching my kids help me and learn from me out in our little vegetable patch of goodness.

In fact I am so motivated that it’s almost to a fault. Now I want to pack up and head to the hills. I romanticize constantly the concept of living on a large plot of land, tending to my vegetable garden, feeding my chickens, sitting on my front porch stoop, watching the kids play in the field and love on their new furry friends.  *sigh*…..maybe one day.  But I really can’t complain. I am so blessed to have what I have and am truely grateful for it. And the fact is there are many people (urban) who do far more with far less. I actually have a beautiful and pretty good sized backyard. I have room for my square foot garden (and soon an expansion), a nice size deck for grilling and entertaining, an inherited backyard swing set for the kids, plenty of play space, and even room for….maybe, one day, hopefully, keep your fingers crossed for me,  if the hubby will ever give in…..a chicken coop.  So this year I am challenging myself to do more, grow more, better myself more in the wonderful space that I have.  I am participating in dig this chick’s Virgin Harvest Challenge.

Here are my 2010 Virgin Harvest gardening goals:

Expand my garden–very exciting news to share about that later

Start all of my vegetables from seedlings

Grow all organic vegetables

Use my own compost from my compost bin

Can and harvest some vegetables to use through the winter

Add some fruit trees to my backyard

Grow different varieties and heirloom vegetables

What are your gardening goals?

You have to go check out Nici’s: dig this chick. You will be hooked.  She is a very talented writer, photographer, and mommy.  Her posts are insightful, funny, and full of beautiful photos.  They are like stepping outside for a breath of (Montana) fresh air, yes they are that good.