spring is around the corner

Can you feel it?  It’s just around the corner….Spring. I cannot wait. It’s my favorite time. Time to start seedlings, time for outdoor park visits and playdates. Time for green grass and flowers.

We took advantage of our Spring like weather this weekend with a trip to the park and our first picnic of the year.

The day was perfect.

It’s funny how relative the weather can be. It’s 55 and I am feeling like it’s a warm summer’s day. Ask me how I feel about 55 degrees in October, I will tell you that I am not going outside and to hand me my favorite sweatshirt.

Lil S has an obsession with airplanes.

She hears them no matter how far.

It’s very cute.

The girls are at the perfect age where they like to sit and eat.

I need to get a more colorful-spring like picnic table cloth.

This yukky brown is so last winter.

They are really at a cute sister phase right now.

Bye-bye winter, see you next year.