princess & knight 3rd birthday party!

Princess M turned 3 last week!  The inspiration for this party came from a few things. My daughter’s LOVE and admiration for Princess anything and everything, the fact that she is most comfortable with our playgroup (and small groups in general), and the fact that over half of our playgroup are little boys!

The Princess and Knight invite from Polka Dot Design set the tone and everything just snowballed from there.  Honey-Do and I worked very hard to track down large cardboard boxes that he painted. My amazing friend JJ helped me build and decorate the Castle, I found these plans from Mr. McGroovys. I used some pink sheets we had in the house to make the roof of the castle!

Most of the decorations were repurposed from things from my house, past parties, and a few trips to Michaels. My friend JJ made the cupcake stand….which is one of my favorite details of the party!  I made all the cupcake toppers using a simple clipart on a word document that we then cutout and attached to toothpicks. I ordered the cupcakes from my supermarket bakery and added shiny sprinkles.

My babysitter is an absolute doll and agreed to dress up as a Princess and help with the party. She greeted the kids as they came, helped them find their costumes, decorated crowns with them, and read them a story. The kids loved her.

We had a pretty Princess throne made at the end of the Castle. I pimped out a simple canopy from IKEA.

I sewed each of the kids their own personalized costume. Knight costumes for the boys and Princess Dresses for the girls. They were all given their costumes, crowns, and wands/swords as their party favor to take home.

……and a belly ache from all the sugar.

I loved planning each and every minute of this party. We love our girl and we are blessed to have her in our life.

Happy  3rd Birthday Princess!

Thank you to JJ for being the most amazingly creative and supportive friend! Thank you to Princess L, you were awesome.  Thanks to Grandma and Baba for all the food and all that you do.  Thank you to our wonderful playgroup family who came to celebrate our special day with us. Thank you to Honey-Do for humoring my obsessiveness when it comes to these parties. And thanks to my two little girls who fuel the creativity I have, it’s all for you. I know it’s cheesy but it’s true. (We could turn this into a country song).

Cali Family and Friends. Miss you and love you. Wish you were here or wish we were there.

Blah, blah, blah. Off to dreamland to obsess over my next project.