Adventures in Gardening: Gardening Style

Garden 2009 013Okay I’ve done it now, I went ahead and added a new hobby onto my already long and eclectic list–Vegetable Gardening! This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Initially I was going to take the plunge this year and just start off with an herb garden but we recently fenced in our backyard and I decided to go for it. Let the adventures begin!  I thought that along with my normal weekly blogs (cough, cough–hey I have 2 kids right?!), I will also try to do a weekly update on the new veggie garden.  2 blogs per week, now that’s an adventure in itself, hey I said I would try right? I will probably post a bit more in the next couple of weeks just to play a little catch up!

After combing through the internet and through several books on gardening, I settled on what I found was a perfect fit for my personality and style.  The Raised Bed–Square Foot Garden by Mel Bartholomew. Or as my mom puts it — ” The Anal Garden”. Very funny mom!  Although I have been using the actual book as a resource I initially discovered this way of gardening through many resourceful and very helpful gardening blogs, which I will be sure to credit as I document my new adventure! I hope you enjoy the new garden as much as I am and I would love to hear about other gardens and what you are doing!