DIY Party Favors–M Turns 2

maddies-2nd-bday-015M turns 2! I can’t believe how time flies!  My baby is officially turning into a little girl. We were so excited this year because M has so many new and wonderful friends to celebrate with. I had to decide what to do for her 2nd birthday and of course obsessed over it forever until I came up with a plan. I decided this year that I needed something practical and that I wanted to steer clear of having her party at our home. We ended up booking at “My Gym”, a fun place where the kids can really let loose, play on fun gymnastics equipment, and sing along with the “My Gym” friendly staff. But “My Gym” does not bode well for a real decorative, table finished party. I had to focus my creative compulsion elsewhere!  Enter-party favors!

Now, you can definitely go crazy with favors and I am one of those that really have to reign myself in to make sure that I don’t go overboard. The world of kid favors in our area is a booming business and they always come out beautiful….but it comes with a price. I really wanted to have a fun personalized favor without the hefty price tag. So, I decided that I can DIY!  I searched and searched and found a great place in our area for discount items, Amazing Savings. I found an art smock, pencil holder, chalk, and paint markers! The final cost per favor…….ta da ta da….$1.90!!  Fun, affordable, and practical too!  The only thing that I needed was to buy the paint pens.  Although these are not that cheap, they were worth the investment.  I have since used them to DIY many gift items (which I will blog about later)!

I have to thank my friend JJ!  If I am stuck for inspiration, she is my go to girl to call on, so creative and talented! She helped me with all of these favors! Thank you JJ, you are amazing!